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A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Essex

VP Implantology is a local, trusted dental implant specialist in Essex. Providing a life-long solution to missing, cracked or broken teeth.

01. Restore natural function and speech patterns

02. Eliminate the need for loose dentures

03. Complete your youthful smile

Dr Vishal Patel is Available In Essex


Practice Name: Smile Headquarters

Address: 105 High St, Brentwood CM14 4RR



Practice Name: Hatfield Peverel Dental Surgery

Address: Arundel House, The Street, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford CM3 2EA

Phone: 01245380360



Practice Name: Optident Dental Clinic

Address: 37 St John’s St, Colchester CO2 7AD

Phone: 01206544156


dental implants by dr vishal patel

Creating Moments of Happiness With Transformations Like These

Patients just like you have experienced smile transformations that have improved their confidence, mental health and their quality of life. Your journey for dental implants begins at VP Implantology.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Gain the confidence to smile again
  • Restore natural functions and speech patterns
  • Dental implants are designed to look and function just like natural teeth.
  • Eliminate the need for loose, uncomfortable dentures and messy denture glue
  • Gum irritation can be prevented by avoiding dentures that are ill-fitting or uncomfortable.
  • Protect existing teeth from shifting into the spaces left by missing teeth
  • To achieve a youthful appearance, prevent facial sagging and premature ageing by protecting your skin from the sun.
  • The treatment is cost-effective, given its long-lasting nature.

Are you unable to eat the foods you once loved due to loose dentures? Does your smile make you feel self-conscious when socialising with friends?

Book a consultation with Dr Vishal Patel, an implant dentist based in Essex, to discuss your individually tailored treatment plan.

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Smile Transformations

Dr Vishal Patel creates life-changing smiles that are worth enjoying. Ready for your next selfie?

"As a dentist, I pride myself on my honesty, trustworthiness, and transparent interactions with my patients. I want them to feel comfortable and confident in my care, so they leave my office with a smile."


Treatments for Dental Implants in Essex

Teeth In A Day

Missing teeth or badly broken and damaged teeth can be inconvenient. If you’re looking to replace your dentures, Dr Vishal Patel’s cost-effective and state-of-the-art same-day teeth replacement treatment can give you the beautiful and long-lasting results you deserve all in one procedure. This immediate fixed full-arch solution involves having a set of beautifully crafted prosthetic teeth fitted onto dental implants immediately after the initial implant procedure on the same day. This temporary bridge remains in the mouth for approximately 3 months, whilst healing takes place, after which the final ceramic teeth are fitted. This same-day treatment provides an immediate solution to patients in need of a fixed dental restoration, helping to instantly restore the aesthetics and function of their mouth, eliminating the need to wear uncomfortable and loose dentures ever again.

Immediate Same Day Implants

Not only are we able to fit a fixed permanent tooth-coloured crown on the new implant screw, but in some cases we are also able to extract and replace an unsalvageable tooth in the same visit.

Single Implants

If you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or currently have a tooth that is either badly decayed or loose, dental implants may be the option for you. A dental implant is inserted beneath your gum and acts as a solid foundation for your new tooth-coloured crown.

Sinus Lift

When upper back teeth are removed, the air sinuses above the roots of these teeth may increase in size. The sinus lift procedure involves entering this enlarged sinus and gently inserting bone substitute material to restore this missing volume, allowing dental implants to be safely inserted.

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is a great way to reduce anxiety before dental implant surgery. As this form of conscious sedation does not put you to sleep completely, you are still able to respond verbally to commands. Compared with other commonly used conscious sedation techniques (such as nitrous oxide or oral sedative pills), IV sedation involves the sedative agent being administered into the vein in your arm by the sedationist.

Bone Augmentation

Gum disease, trauma, and extensive bone loss following tooth extraction can all prevent a patient from having enough bone structure to support a dental implant. Bone substitute materials are often used in these situations to rebuild the lost foundations, thus improving the final implant treatment outcome.

“When you have dental implant treatment with me in Essex, I will provide you with a natural-looking and long-lasting smile that makes you feel confident to bite into an apple or any other food or drink.” – Dr Vishal Patel

Rohit Patel
Rohit Patel
Understanding, compassionate and patient. Vish is a great mentor, easily able to explain complex treatment techniques using simple language, ensuring we really grow within the field.
Dr Chhaya Chauhan
Dr Chhaya Chauhan
Amazing clinician
Dr Jagmail Basrai
Dr Jagmail Basrai
Dr Vishal Knowledge on Dental implants and how he explains a complex topic and makes it simple is a talent that only a few have . We can’t wait to work with him in the new year and excited about giving our patients an opportunity to have their smiles restored by a highly skilled and respected implantologist .
Raaesa Patel
Raaesa Patel
Dr. Vishal Patel and his team made my dental implant experience outstanding. Dr. Vishal's kindness, professionalism, and multiple consultations helped me choose the right treatment plan within my budget. I have had a bad experience with dental surgery before which made me apprehensive initially, but the detail in which he explained and answered questions, gave me the confidence to go ahead. On the surgery day, his and Charlotte's reassuring demeanor put me at ease, and they explained each step. Thanks to Dr. Vishal's skill and empathy, my procedure was a success. I wholeheartedly recommend him for dental procedures.
Sophie Lawrence
Sophie Lawrence
I have been a nurse coming on 13 years now and worked along side many implant surgeons and Dr Vishal is by far one of the best hands down. He's quality of care and patience is second to none, understanding a patients needs and bringing them to life is life changing for them. I would recommend him highly, so much so he will be doing my own implant for me which i was very nervous about doing but seeing he's work relieved that fear straight away. I now no I wouldn't trust anybody else to do it. Im very lucky to be working along side such an accomplished surgeon.
Hannah O'connor
Hannah O'connor
As one of Vishal’s colleagues and having recently attended a training day hosted by Vishal, I wanted to write this review to explain his professionalism and passion for restoring beautiful smiles. It was clear to see from watching patient testimonial videos that he has greatly impacted lives, patients went from feeling conscious and hiding away their teeth to feeling confident about smiling once again. Using his exceptional knowledge, Vishal formulates individual treatment plans for all his patients. This allows him to offer the most suitable treatments available, whether restoring a single missing tooth or several missing teeth involving more complex treatments. At Smile HQ Vishal is passionate about the whole dental team having a complete understanding of the dental implant journey from beginning to end, so that our patients receive a service where they feel confident and listened to at all times. I would 100 percent recommend Vishal to treat my closest family and friends and should I ever need dental implants in the future, I know who I will turn to! Hannah O’Connor (Dental Hygienist @ Smile HQ)
Julia Nightingale
Julia Nightingale
It is evident that Vish truly loves and is passionate abour what he does. A true professional, empathetic, patient and kind. His communication pre-surgery truly put me at ease. His focus during procedure was exceptional with the ability to ensure I was OK and his structured communication with his nurse was outstanding. As an anxious patient, he made ne feel comfortable as soon as I sat in the chair. We communicated post surgery and he checked in to see if I was ok, offering additional advice for aftercare. What an absolute gentleman and someone I would highly recommend.
Nadia Almeida
Nadia Almeida
Vishal is an amazing Implantologist who is very passionate about his work. He treats every patient with kindness and respect and always makes sure patients are provided with an amazing journey from start to end. Vishal always makes sure to explain each stage of treatment thoroughly, puts patients at ease throughout the treatment and always makes sure patients leave happy. I always look forward to working with Vishal as I know everything is done to perfection and the work flow is great.
Vish has been my mentor for the past year and has taught me so much from basic implants to sinus lifts/all on X. This has immensely fast tracked my career. I am in debt to Vish. He is a top surgeon and educator.
Balraj Sohal
Balraj Sohal
Dr Vishal is an exceptional dentist - both his clinical skills & ability to make his patients feel relaxed & reassured puts him apart from a lot of other implant dentists. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with & learn from Dr Vishal. His ability to educate, mentor & guide clinicians of all backgrounds & experience levels is amazing. His passion for dentistry comes through with his frequent lecturing & educational events with other dentists. Dr Vishal is a clinician I’m proud to work alongside, I truly believe he’s the best implant surgeon to work with to deliver the best care to patients. I could not recommend him highly enough to patients for dental care and to my dental colleagues to learn from him. I firmly believe should I ever need a dental implant Dr Vishal is the man for the job!

About Dr Vishal Patel

He is considered among his peers’ most professional practitioners in his field. He keeps abreast of new developments in modern dentistry and regularly attends the most renowned training courses in the UK and internationally. This enables him to continuously improve his skillset and keep up to date on the latest innovations in implant dentistry.

Patients who visit the dental implant clinic in Essex that Dr Vishal Patel visits can feel confident about receiving the highest quality treatment possible.

Contact Dr Vishal Patel of the dental implant clinic in Essex to schedule a consultation.

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