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Implant Mentoring


Advance your career with mentoring from Dr Patel.

Advance your dental career with guided expertise from Dr Patel. Through comprehensive tutelage and a wealth of experience in single implant treatment, full arch immediate load, sinus/bone grafting and much more, Dr Patel is available to help you grow your surgical repertoire and excel in implantology.

  • Single & Multiple Implants
  • Full-Arch (Teeth in a Day) Immediate Implants
  • Sinus Lifts
  • Bone Augmentation

Why learn implants with Dr Patel?

  • One-to-one training with an advanced implant clinician
  • Learn industry-leading techniques
  • Gain support in selecting appropriate cases with practice-based guidance
  • Grow with honest, expert advice
  • Learn at your pace with dedicated support from your mentor

“I take my role as an implant mentor seriously and aim to create lifelong relationships with my mentees. When we help each other to grow, our patients are the ones who benefit.”

Dr Vishal Patel

Go above and beyond for your patients with implant mentoring by Dr Vishal Patel. Enquire today!

I have been working alongside Dr Vishal for the past 6-7 years now. As a colleague and mentor of his in implantology, I can confidently say that his search for clinical perfection is second to none. Vishal is naturally gifted with his hands which makes working with him an absolute pleasure. Now that Vishal is mentoring, his mentees can feel confident that they will be learning in-depth knowledge of the subject alongside a busy and successful implant surgeon who has a true passion for the subject.

Adeel AliDr Patel's Mentor

Dr Vishal Patel is not only an esteemed college of mine but also a very dear friend. I have worked alongside Dr Patel with his careful mentoring eye watching over me from the beginning of treatment planning right to the completion of treatment for a number of cases. He’s very approachable and knowledgeable and his passion for implantology comes through from just talking to him. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking mentoring in implant dentistry. He helps to push your abilities and knowledge in all areas from treatment planning to surgery which I strongly feel aids in your development as a clinician.

Dr Naresh Arun PalMentee - Birmingham

Dr Vishal hasn’t only transformed my life but has inspired and shaped my career over and beyond my comprehension. He has been my role model in every aspect of becoming an implant surgeon but has also been integral in growing me into the man I am today. His core principle is simple: delivering quality, without compromise, at all costs. His passion for teaching has resonated with me and has guided me greatly in making the challenges of carrying theory into practice doable. Years of experience, condensed into bitesize chunks, individualised for specific cases - is priceless - yet Dr Vishal has selflessly passed this gift down. He is a master of the craft, making the complex look achievable - only fueling me to fall in love with the art. At the beginning of the sessions, he conducts a briefing where he discusses all of the possible complexities of the surgery ahead. The importance of this is giving me reassurance that anything that may not go according to plan can still be managed, which instills confidence within me. His discussion-based reflection style at the end of the session, always critical yet constructive, is the key to making us as clinicians ultimately grow into the best. To be in the presence of such a humble man is a privilege, and I urge anybody aspiring toward greatness to take that first step.

Dr Rajan SriranganMentee - London

Dr. Vishal Patel is a top-tier implantologist who spends much of his free time learning and teaching other dentists high-quality, patient-centered implant dentistry. Dr Vishal and I have now been working together for a few years. His dedication to each case and analytical approach has been inspiring to observe. He approaches each patient's care in a comprehensive, gentle, and compassionate manner, making it easier for both the patient and me as an implant restorative dentist to treat the patients I refer. What I like best about Dr Vishal is his passion, honesty, integrity, and ability to clearly explain to his patients and the implant restorative dentist what is wrong and what needs to be done to correct the problem. I highly recommend Dr Vishal to all my patients and friends.

Michalitsa (Millie) ArgyriadouMentee - London