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I have had a couple of implants delivered by Dr Vishal. On both occasions he took time to fully explain the options, showing me the results of scans and talking me though how he was going to provide the implants. At all stages he checked with me that I understood what was happening and what would happen next you. I always felt comfortable and had positive experiences. I am delighted and would recommend Dr Vishal for implants without hesitation.


I damaged my two front teeth in a bike accident. 20+ years later issues arose with the aged dental repairs, so my dentist recommended me to Dr Vishal Patel to investigate having one tooth replaced with a dental implant. Dr Vishal was exceptional in communicating his plan and the risks involved. He went the extra mile to ensure that I completely understood every aspect of my surgery throughout the entire process and his team followed up regularly to check everything was OK post-surgery too. I could not have asked for a better service and felt in safe hands throughout.


I realised that I needed to consider dental implants as I had no intention of wearing false teeth. I had implant consultations at a couple of dental practices, but ultimately, I decided to go with Dr Vishal Patel. He made the entire process so easy for me. I am petrified of dentists and have always been since childhood. Dr Vishal changed all of that. I actually look forward to my appointments now! I have already recommended Dr Vishal to my friends and family and will continue to do so. I had not been able to smile properly for over 3 years. I now smile with confidence because of Dr Vishal.


The bridge that I had fitted over 10 years ago started to become loose and caused me a lot of trouble when eating and I had no confidence in my smile. The Teeth in a Day procedure was the right treatment for me as I no longer have to hide my smile in embarrassment. The whole procedure was straightforward and relaxed, and Dr Patel made me feel at ease throughout. I can now at last eat and smile with complete confidence. I would highly recommend Dr Vishal and his team to anybody who may be considering the Teeth in a Day procedure. All I can say is thank you.


My dentist referred me to see Dr Vishal. I had a mind-blowing consultation with him, which made my decision to have a dental implant very easy. Dr Vishal was an absolute star. I have never had such a friendly and informative dentist; he kept me informed at each step along the way of the procedure as well as took the time to explain things to me before and after the treatment, answering any questions or worries that I had. I felt completely safe in his hands, and for me that is key. I am extremely happy with the final result and would highly recommend him. Can’t thank you enough!!!

Ms GallagherLondon

Dr Patel and his team were extremely professional in dealing with my implant, and I would recommend him highly. Dr Patel is personable, patient, dexterous and has a genuine interest and passion in what he does. It was also refreshing to have each step of the process explained to me in detail before I decided to have the implant and during the implant procedure itself. I would have no hesitation in returning to Dr Patel for another implant should my last remaining deciduous tooth, unfortunately, fail.


I am claustrophobic and have a fear of dentists and choking. However, that was until I had an appointment to see Dr Vishal for an implant. He is not only incredibly professional, but Dr Vishal is a magician. He made a difficult procedure easy for me. Despite a lot of preparatory work, which included complicated bone grafting, once the anaesthetic wore off, I suffered no pain, bleeding or bruising. Every step of the way, Dr Vishal explained what he would need to do and could not have been more reassuring. I cannot recommend him highly enough and feel so lucky to have Vishal do my implant.


Having decided that an implant was my preferred treatment for a missing tooth I was highly recommended to Dr Vishal Patel by my dentist. Dr Patel carefully advised on the process and explained in extensive detail the optimum procedure, having viewed the CBCT scan. My implant treatment was to replace a missing tooth in the upper back region of my mouth and Dr Patel explained that a sinus lift procedure was required to give sufficient space for the implant to sit securely. I was concerned about potential problems that might be triggered by delving into such structures but was sufficiently reassured about the outcome by him. The sinus lift was a morning procedure carried out with great care by Dr Patel and his colleagues. The results were reviewed on another scan to confirm the success or otherwise of the lift. The consultation was carried out at each stage as a matter of course. The implant itself and the placing of the new tooth took place as predicted with precision. Throughout the process, I felt fully confident that I was making the right decision and in the right professional hands. I am thrilled with the results and would be completely confident recommending future clients to Dr Patel.


After fracturing a crown at the back of my mouth, I was advised by my dentist that the tooth could no longer be saved as it was so heavily broken, so I was referred to Dr Vishal Patel to discuss the possibility of having an implant. I researched different options available and even consulted with 3 different implant surgeons before making my decision. I selected Dr Patel as he was easy to connect with, and he quickly put me at ease right from the get-go being such a nervous patient. The communication was good throughout the treatment. My options and the procedure itself were clearly explained in detail including the reason for doing them. I was really impressed by his patience and kindness. Dr Patel was attentive throughout the surgery and took great care during the procedure to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I am very happy with my implant and the whole experience. I would have no reservations in highly recommending Dr Patel to anybody interested in having implant treatment.


I had dental implant treatment with Dr Vishal Patel as I was fed up of having such a large gap at the back of my mouth, which affected my chewing. The consultation process itself was very detailed and comprehensive. Each stage of the procedure went smoothly and Dr Vishal and his team were extremely professional right throughout. The implant treatment itself was successful without any complications. Having a profound fear of dentists in general, I was amazed by how much planning actually goes into the treatment before the day of surgery and how quickly and efficiently the surgery is over, without feeling any pain during the different stages. I would highly recommend Dr Vishal Patel to anyone seeking to have dental implant treatment.


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