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Shape Your Forever Smile with Dental Implants

By Dr Vishal Patel BDS BSc (Hons) MSc (Implantology)

Every smile has a story. Replacing badly broken or missing teeth with dental implants gives you another chance to rewrite your story. At VP Implantology, we provide our patients with gold-standard dental implant treatments, giving them every confidence to smile again.

Treatments start from just £2,500 or £149 per month

Feel Comfortable

Feel good when you smile, and feel even better when you rediscover the joy of eating. Dental implants provide a secure, natural feeling just like your real teeth. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about replacements, loose teeth, and the feeling of discomfort. It’s a new day, and you deserve the best level of comfort.

Smile Confidently

Good oral health can significantly improve your confidence and mental health, allowing you to smile confidently. Whether you have lost one tooth or multiple teeth or are suffering from an injury or a condition that may affect your teeth, dental implants can restore the appearance and function of your smile for a healthier life overall.

Instant Results

Are you prepared to be your best self? With our same-day dental implant treatments, a brighter future is right around the corner. “The Teeth in a Day Experience” is a groundbreaking clinical protocol that allows you to walk away with a brand new set of teeth and an improved smile on the same day of your implant treatment.

Dazzling Appearance

Want to feel confident wearing your smile? Consult with Dr Vishal Patel and entrust him to provide you with an exceptional 5-star dental implant treatment to help you rediscover your confidence. Your new smile should be worn with pride.

Start Your Dental Implant Journey With Dr Vishal Patel

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is carefully inserted underneath the gum and into your jawbone. During a minimum of 3 months of healing, your bone will naturally fuse to the dental implant, making for a nice and secure fit to support the implant.

A master ceramist precisely crafts an artificial tooth (also referred to as a dental crown) to perfectly emulate the shape, size and colour of your existing teeth and is carefully fitted on top of the implant base to complete the look.

Dental implants are the gold standard solution for replacing missing, damaged or broken teeth. They’re far more reliable than having removable dentures; they feel more natural and are known to stand the test of time.

Perhaps you avoid social situations, or you hate posing for photographs. Dental implant treatment will improve your confidence and allow you to feel better about yourself and your life by improving the appearance of your smile.

Your forever smile is healthier and more natural looking than ever before.

The Types of Dental implant Treatments That We Offer

Dr Vishal Patel provides a comprehensive range of dental implant treatments subject to the clients’ needs. At VP Implantology, our treatments cover the full spectrum of implant procedures available, ranging from single implant treatments to multiple implant cases to immediate same-day implants to sinus lift surgery involving bone grafting to finally, the prestigious All-on-4 treatment, also known as “The Teeth in a Day Experience”.

Single Implants

Patients who have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth or severely decayed or loose teeth may be suitable for dental implant replacements. Dental implants are carefully inserted underneath your gum to provide an artificial tooth root and a secure foundation for your new crown.

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Multiple Implants

Whether you are missing multiple teeth or have severely damaged teeth in different regions of the mouth that require removal. Multiple implant replacements can restore function, making eating less awkward and uncomfortable.

Just like any other implant procedure, we give you local anaesthetic before carefully inserting the titanium screw beneath the gum and into your jaw at the different sites in the mouth.

Following a short healing period of usually 3 months, we take accurate impressions of your healed implants for your bespoke crowns to be precisely crafted by our master ceramist, which is fitted directly onto your implants.

Replacing multiple teeth with implants is a long-term solution to missing and severely damaged teeth and can benefit you for years to come.

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Bone Augmentation

Gum disease, trauma, and extensive bone loss following tooth extraction are reasons a patient may not have enough bone structure to support a dental implant. Bone substitute materials can increase the amount of bone available for an implant and improve implant treatment outcomes.

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Sinus Lift

The sinuses are naturally occurring air spaces within the bone around the nose. The roots of the upper back molar teeth often lie close to the air sinuses. When these upper back cheek teeth are removed, the air sinuses that lie above the roots often increase in size, and as a result, bone is lost from the area.

Although this is a natural process, it does cause problems if dental implants are placed in the area to replace missing molar teeth. It is important for dental implants must be placed into as much sound bone as possible if they are to function successfully long term. Therefore, a sinus lift procedure is recommended to replace the missing bone before implant placement.

It involves carefully entering the enlarged sinus and gently inserting bone substitute materials to restore the missing bone in the area. This procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthetic with or without sedation as required.

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Teeth in a Day Experience

Teeth in a day also referred to as ‘same day implants’ or ‘all on 4 dental implants is guaranteed to transform the way you feel about your smile with our very own “Teeth in a Day Experience” at VP Implantology.

In just one day, same-day dental implants can replace missing, cracked, or uncomfortable teeth with a full set of permanently fixed teeth. The implants restore your ability to bite into your favourite foods like never before.

Not only do you leave the clinic with an exceptional smile, but you leave owning a brand new sense of confidence.

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Everlasting Smile Transformations

Dr Patel has designed hundreds of beautiful new and healthy smiles using the most advanced implant technology, digital treatment planning, and a reassuring approach to patient care.

Same Day Transformations

Dr Vishal Patel creates life-changing smiles that are worth enjoying. Ready for your next selfie?

Begin your journey for your dental implant treatment

The way you feel about your current smile and confidence can be disheartening. At VP Implantology, Dr Vishal Patel promises to not only restore your smile but to deliver you confidence like never before. Go from avoiding the camera to looking forward to showing off your smile at family photos.

You may be eligible for dental implants if you have the following:

  • Missing teeth
  • Poorly fitting, loose and uncomfortable dentures
  • Broken or cracked teeth that are beyond saving
  • Infected teeth that cannot be saved

Dental implants are suitable for anyone who is over the age of 18.

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The Biggest Benefits of Having Implant Treatments

Whilst you are debating whether plastic removable dentures are best for you or fixed dental implants, Dr Vishal Patel outlines the core benefits of having dental implant treatment for long-term gain.

1. Natural

Embrace the natural and pristine look of your new teeth. Dental implants provide a neat sophistication of your new prosthetic teeth, making it difficult to tell which are real and which are artificial. Remove the worry of having to be careful about eating specific foods as dental implants provide the significant functional benefits of natural teeth.

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2. Long-lasting Teeth & Results

Dental implants give you another chance to enjoy the finer things in life. They truly stand the test of time. Experience natural looking replacement teeth that can last you a lifetime with the right dental care.

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3. Cost-effective

Implants are a long-lasting and affordable option for replacing missing teeth. One alternative is removable plastic dentures, which works out to be more expensive in the long run with their need to be adjusted and replaced regularly. This is not the same for dental implants, which only require the same level of care and attention just like your natural teeth.

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dental implants - preventing bone loss

4. Return of the endless choice of your favourite foods

Rediscover the joy of eating all of your favourite foods once more, without hesitation. Your new implants will give you the ability to bite into your favourite apples with complete confidence.

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5. A revived, confident smile

Dental implants are the perfect way to rekindle your smile. They give you a balanced natural-looking smile without compromising your health or appearance.

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6. Lower maintenance

The best way to look after your dental implants is as though they are your natural teeth. Unlike removable dentures, the risk of dental implants just falling out whilst eating or midway through a conversation is highly unlikely as implants are well-secured in your mouth and are there for a very long time.

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7. Treatment with comfort

At VP Implantology, we understand just how important this life-changing treatment can be for you. We also understand and care about your apprehensions towards the treatment.

We are dedicated to providing the utmost comfort to our patients whilst they have their dental implant treatment with us by providing sedation.

Conscious sedation is an excellent management approach to keeping you comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure, allowing Dr Vishal Patel to perform your treatment smoothly.

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A dental implant could stay with you for the remainder of your life with the proper care and attention. Go from a compromised lifestyle, a conscious smile and the feeling of embarrassment to a life where a new smile uplifts your face for a prominent and confident look. It creates inner happiness for you whilst you wear your smile loud and proud.

Treat your implants with care, and they will last decades or a lifetime.

Your Smile Has A Story

Your Smile Has A Story

Your Smile Has A Story

Your Smile Has A Story

Your Smile Has A Story

Rewrite Yours With A New Smile

Rewrite Yours With A New Smile

Rewrite Yours With A New Smile

Rewrite Yours With A New Smile

Rewrite Yours With A New Smile

The Procedure: 4-Steps To Your New Unbeatable Smile

With Dr Vishal Patel, your dental implant treatment is an adventure of a lifetime. It comes together with a 4-step process that takes you from the start, right to the end of your implant journey.

Your Bespoke Smile Assessment

Dr Vishal Patel’s patient-centric approach makes every consultation a very personal experience where open communication is essential to this process. At your first appointment, you can talk to us about your concerns and tell us about your desired smile goals.

During your detailed smile assessment, we will take digital photographs, digital records of the shape of your mouth, and gather information about your bone structure using 3D CBCT scans. Using this information, we will simulate a mock-up of your new smile which will give you an idea of what the final result will look like.


Your Personalised Plan

Provided that you are a suitable candidate for the implant procedure, Dr Patel’s team will walk you through your individually tailored bespoke treatment plan, answering any questions that you may have and booking you a date for your treatment to be carried out.


The Beginning of A New Chapter. Your New Smile

We are committed to providing you with the most comfortable, pain-free experience. That is why on the day of your surgery before we begin your dental implant treatment, we will provide you with sedation.

Following careful and strategic insertion of dental implants, Dr Patel will fit your natural-looking customised temporary teeth. Once firmly secured onto the implants, you’ll be able leave the dental practice with your brand new beautiful smile.


Your Aftercare

Following your treatment, Dr Patel’s team will check-in with you regularly to ensure that your recovery is as planned. A minimum healing period of 3-months is allowed before you’re invited back to the practice to have new impressions taken for your final bridge to be fitted.


Taking care of your implants so they can take care of you

Follow the correct care regime, and your new implants will stand the test of time. Here are just some tips on how to look after your new teeth.

Although treatment times and specifics vary from patient to patient, it takes a minimum of 3 months for your recently fitted implants to heal, so in this period, you must be gentle and take care when cleaning around them.

General maintenance of your implants

  • Avoid hard-bristled brushes
  • Use sensitive teeth cleaning products as they’re not as harsh
  • Implement interdental cleaning in your routine as your hygienist advises using floss and internal brushes
  • Visit the dentist for regular oral assessments
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol, especially during the 3 month healing period as it can compromise the long-term health of your implant

Post-treatment maintenance

  • Avoid rinsing your mouth on the first day
  • If you have been prescribed medication, be sure to take them as advised by the dentist
  • Following treatment, you’ll be provided with sterile gauze to take control of any bleeding in the treated area
  • Avoid any sporting activities or anything exhilarating that could cause your heart rate to increase
  • For any soreness over the front of your face, hold an ice pack to these areas in short intervals of 10-15 minutes

Dr Vishal Patel - Master of Implantology

Dr Vishal Patel’s advanced training in the field of implant and aesthetic dentistry means that he is skilfully adept in designing and delivering his patient’s dream smiles. Dr Patel has a real passion for learning which has seen him travel internationally to develop his skills and has successfully acquired a Masters Degree in Dental Implantology, accredited by the University of Bristol.

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Frequently asked questions

How to manage discomfort following dental implant treatment?

After your successful implant procedure, it is common to experience mild soreness for a few days following treatment. This should not alarm you as it is a very normal thing. Luckily, there are some proven ways to make the soreness and discomfort managable once you leave the clinic. The best way to manage pain following your dental implant treatment is to take painkillers at the recommended dosage and intervals for the first one-to-two days.

If the pain is unbearable or still persists after a few days, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

After your implants have been placed, what can you eat and drink?

Your new teeth give you every reason to be excited, but immediately following your treatment it is important to be sensible with your choice of foods and drinks. It is our recommendation following proven success that you consume only soft foods for the first 3 months during the healing period. This includes anything that you can pierce through with the side of a fork. Your gums will be sensitive which means that you will experience a lot of discomfort if you bite on hard things too early.

Eat a healthy diet and avoid hard foods for now. It’s important to understand that you should avoid smoking and consuming alcohol during the healing period as it may affect the chances of a successful treatment outcome.

How long do implants take to heal properly?

Although this varies from patient to patient, generally speaking it can take a minimum of 3-6 months for your implants to properly heal.

What happens if an implant gets infected?

We do not turn a blind eye to this issue either, even though it is very rare. Occasionally, the healing around the implant may be compromised, resulting in an infection. Once we have identified this to be the case, we will list the immediate steps that need to be taken to resolve the infection. 

Signs  of infection:

  1. Redness and swelling of the gum tissue around the implant
  2. Loose implant
  3. Pus oozing from the treated area

Treating infections:

  1. See a dentist right away
  2. You may be required to complete a course of antibiotics as suggested by your dentist
  3. Surface cleaning

Can you get dental implants during pregnancy?

As dental implant treatment is considered as an elective procedure, we advise that you defer your treatment until after your delivery to reduce the risk of complications occurring.

This is because, during a dental implant procedure, sedation is sometimes used, which can be risky for the unborn child. In addition, many implant procedures require radiographs to be taken throughout the surgery, which could further increase the risk of complications during your pregnancy.

Ideally, it is better to wait post-pregnancy.

Is it safe to have dental implants?

The short answer is yes. Dental implant procedures have been carried out successfully for many years in dentistry, with the evidence continuing to favour them as the gold-standard solution for teeth replacement. They offer patients a chance to renew their smile, re-establishing lost confidence.

Are implants worth it?

If you’ve had missing, cracked or broken teeth for some time now and it’s affecting your confidence when it comes to eating, drinking and smiling, then it’s time to start considering dental implants.

Dental implants are the gold-standard tooth replacement option in dentistry. Unlike dentures and other forms of artificial teeth, dental implants do not become loose or fall out without there being a significant underlying issue. This means that your visits to the dentist are considerably reduced!

Can implants be whitened?

Overtime, it is normal for your natural teeth to discolour a little. To look your absolute best, you may consider having them whitened. However, dental implant restorations are made from ceramic, a material that is resistant to the whitening agents that are used by cosmetic dentists. Therefore your dental implant restorations will not whiten, which is why it is important to discuss your teeth whitening needs with your dentist before having your implant restoration fabricated.

The only current way to whiten your implant is by having the crown replaced entirely to your preferred colour choice.

Who is best for dental implants?

Whilst there are several dentists that provide implant treatments, Dr Vishal Patel at VP Implantology has completely dedicated himself to understanding the full-scope behind dental implantology, making him a true expert accredited in his field.

Whilst receiving your dental implant treatment with Dr Patel, you are guaranteed a safe, caring and pleasant experience.

Will dental implants cure gum disease?

Gum disease begins with poor oral hygeine, which causes plaque to build up around your teeth.

Plaque becomes deposited when there is no consistency in your brushing schedule along with an inaccurate brushing technique. If left untreated, gum disease weakens your gum tissue and subsequently your jawbone.

Many people choose to get dental implants despite having gum disease, however there is a risk that your implant will not sit as firmly and securely as it should, thus compromising the longevity of the dental implant treatment.

It is essential that gum disease is treated and stabilised before considering dental implant treatment.

Who should not get dental implants?

It’s rare to come across patients who are not suitable to have dental implants, however there are just some instances where we do not provide dental implant treatment for the safety of the patient, such as:

  1. People who have received or are currently receiving radiotherapy to the head and neck region
  2. If you are taking medications that slows down your bone remodelling (IV Bisphosphonates)
  3. Alcoholics
  4. Patients with a tobacco addiction where they are considered to be heavy smokers